Company Overview

OssiFi is focused on developing the next generation of bone graft substitutes to stimulate fracture repair, reduce the rate of delayed or non-unions and accelerate return to function.  Unlike orthobiologic competitors, OssiFi utilizes a proprietary small molecule to modulate bone growth through Sclerostin inhibition.  Its carrier matrix is intended to combine excellent handling characteristics, ideal release kinetics and cellular in-growth capabilities with demonstrated biocompatibility.  The company plans to conduct rigorous scientific and clinical studies to prove superior efficacy and safety over standard of care.  This evidence, which is lacking in competitive biomaterials, will ultimately drive our commercial success and support the best patient care possible.   

Contact Information

Office Address

OssiFi, Inc.
2002 West 39th Ave
Kansas City, KS 66103 

Tel: 913.945.6763

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